Run chipmunk,


churn those legs,

dart parting spring green grass.


The woodpile,




Why did you wander so far,

where grass is groomed,

and falcon’s fly?

What was so seducing?


Run chipmunk,


Temptation’s shadow grows,

talons reach,



Sprint friend,


and pray if you can between hurried breath

I hope it’s not your last.


What was so seducing,

to trigger such a thrill,

a quest for what you already had? 



A Forest Sliced



Once upon a forest sliced

arrow streaked 

from string pulled tight

arching bow

did launch death’s flight

hope was birthed 

the will to fight

Once upon a forest sliced


Once in Awhile




Once in awhile

her smile

creeps on my face

and I remember


of magnolia

from the scenter of the breakfast table

in a crystal vase

there for me

to drink orange juice,

no pulp,

and crunch down a darkened piece of wheat toast,

lightly buttered.


Once in awhile

I’m reminded

what a fool is,

yet still,

I smile.